HIS 240: History of Kentucky

HIS 240: The History of Kentucky

Summer I, 2016

Instructor: Andrew Patrick

Syllabus: Patrick-HIS 240 Syllabus-Summer I 2016

Mailbox: 1702 POT

Office Hours: by appointment

Course Meeting Time: Monday-Friday 1:00-3:00

Email: andrew.patrick@uky.edu

The course will provide an overview of the major people, ideas, and events that have shaped Kentucky’s history. In our first meetings, we will familiarize ourselves with the geography of the state and its prehistoric past to provide needed context. Then we will explore the diverse Commonwealth’s social, political, economic and cultural development from the seventeenth century to the present. We will also engage with themes running throughout the state’s history including the changing relationship between Kentuckians and the land they inhabited and the changing image Kentucky embodied, both to themselves and to the outside world.