Digital History

One aspect of my position at KHS that I’ve really enjoyed is getting to help shape some exciting digital initiatives. It’s been an opportunity to stretch myself and dust off some of the skills I hadn’t used in a few years. The interview with KHS short term research fellow Alicia Maggard, embedded below, is a pretty good example of the fun I’m having while tinkering with non-print media as a delivery system for the work we do here in Frankfort. I can’t take credit for any of Alicia’s insightful and interesting content, but I am responsible for the video from filming to editing.

For more information on the fellowships offered at KHS see Short-term Research Fellowships.

I have been a guest on the Long Story Short podcast, I’ve started working on a few GIS maps to illustrate my research, and I’m currently in the early stages of a digital project tentatively titled “A Year in the Bluegrass Landscape.”