Kentucky Ancestors Collections Corner

One of the fun things about my position at the Historical Society is getting to work on projects across the institution. Most of my time is spent on the Register, selecting books, recruiting reviewers, copyediting and querying articles, but I also get to work with collections occasionally. For example, I recently read the “Licking River Navigation Journals” from 1818 and wrote a descriptive summary for Kentucky Ancestors. The journals really show how difficult river transportation could be prior to formal surveys and improvements. They also show how vital waterpower was to life in early Kentucky as virtually every page includes a description of this mill or that dam and the uses to which they were put. A really cool primary. I like my job.

Licking River Journal page-SC403

From the Licking River Navigation Journals, 1818, SC 403 at the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky.

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