Greetings from the Bluegrass!

I am an agricultural and environmental historian whose research focuses on the ecological and cultural transformations of the Inner Bluegrass landscape of Central Kentucky from the era prior to Euro-American incursions through emancipation. While earning my undergraduate degree from Centre College, I developed a lasting fascination with the beautiful agricultural countryside of the surrounding region. My graduate work sought to uncover the eighteenth and nineteenth century history that created the distinctive features of the Bluegrass agricultural landscape, many of which continue to characterize the region into the twenty-first century.

Breeder's Cup

With the Breeder’s Cup statue at Keeneland in Lexington, Kentucky, October 2015.

My academic and professional journey has come full circle since I arrived in Danville almost a decade and a half ago as a first-year student. I am back at Centre as the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). I also teach in the history department. Before returning to Centre, I received my MA and PhD at the University of Kentucky, where I taught in the both the History department and the Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies program. While finishing my dissertation, I worked at the Kentucky Historical Society in community engagement and on the society’s scholarly publication, the Register. I’ve also done a stint on the front lines of public history as an interpreter at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. These diverse experiences all contributed to my belief in the transformative power of experiential education and my position at CTL is a great platform to help put my convictions into action.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hello Andrew Patrick; Stumbled upon you via your recent Register article on the transformation of the Bluegrass. Am myself a long-time Kentucky preservationist/consultant. I am presently working on the graphic interpretation for the visitor viewing area for the Old Frankfort Pike Historic and Scenic Byway. I would love to have a chance to stop by when I am in KY next (week of and after Derby) and say hello to you and chat about your great research and work and all things historic landscape.
    kind regards, Chris Amos


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